Exhibitor: Illuminate Nashville

Robin Eatman-Psychic Medium

Robin Eatman---Psychic/Medium

I call myself the "The Greedy Psychic"
I asked Spirit for All the gifts and they have been most generous!

"All my readings are intended to bring peace, love, clarity and healing."

Contacting a passed over loved one:
If you wish to contact a passed over loved one, ask at the start of our session. I will find your loved one, bringing peace and enlightenment to each of you. You have the opportunity to say and ask your loved ones questions and hear their responses. I am simply the 'translator'.

Psychic Reading:
Contacting your Spirit Guides. Getting answers to your questions. It's finding your path with direction from Spirit. I am able to see your life's true potential.

Contacting an animal, here in this world or passed over:
I am able to see the soul connections between you and your animal.


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