Exhibitor: Illuminate Pittsburgh

Turning Point Energy, LLC

Energy Healer. Powerful energy medicine for Body mind and Spirit. I did not once seek to acquire or attain this 'gift', it found me. I call it Divine Energy. To date it has been utilized to release individuals from: Tennis elbow - Pain - Carpal tunnel - Migraines
Psoriasis - Emotional stuff - PTSD - Thyroid - Insomnia - Cellular
Clearing - Neuropathy - Gout and TMJ.

It will always be evolving, and perceptually, I will always remain in kindergarten in regards to its utilization and unfoldment, for it is more than me. I am simply a conduit of this most wondrous experience. i believe all have the capacity and potential to do the same thing, or greater things, and the true healer is the individual. The more ardent the hearts asking, the greater the flow, and affect. i've come to call it a Divine Download.
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