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Heal With Heart

Summer Hart RN (Energy Healer)
Summer Hart

Healing Sessions with Summer Hart at Illuminate Frederick

Summer is offering Illuminate Frederick attendees their choice of one of the following thirty minute sessions:

1. Angelic Healing: During this healing, an angel comes into your presence and works with the intent that you have made for the session.
2. Chakra healing: During this session Summer will clear, calm, repair, balance, and energize your chakras, fine-tuning and harmonizing your body for greater ease and health.
3. Relaxation/De-stressing session: During this session, those stressors that no longer serve you and are willing and ready to, will be released.

What to expect from your session: Each of us is an individual, thus your experience and response from your session will be highly individualized also. Some people feel nothing, others feel calmer and more relaxed, many fall asleep. Others feel significant shifts in their body, emotions or thoughts over the next several weeks. You will receive what you need most and those who allow their body to receive deeply and organically will reap the benefits of that surrender. Please note: Summer channels energy from The Divine, Mother Earth and the Angelic Realm; you are not receiving her energy.

Summer Hart RN is a Barbara Brennan Healing Science Practitioner , who has also studied/studies at Matrix Energetics, Vortex Divine Healing (R), Upledger Institute, The Monroe Institute, Tallgrass Institute, Psychoenergetics, Altar of Creation, Reiki, 50-50 Consciousness and with Dr Caroline Myss, Dr Roslyn Bruyere and Dr Norm Shealy MD.

With her 41 years of allopathic/traditional nursing experience, and over 20 years of practicing and study of alternative/complementary healing modalities, Summer is able to appreciate and work with ease with both healing worlds and with multiple species.

Summer's main areas of focus:
* Human and animal health
* Navigating through loss and grief
* Trauma and abuse: physical, emotional, verbal,
sexual; wartime injury
* Caregiver issues: both professionally with MDs,
RNs, etc and family caregivers.

Summer offers in-person, long distance and group session in her Charles Town, WV office.

223 Packett Drive
P: (304) 725-0740


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