Exhibitor: Illuminate Frederick

Acupuncture with Isabelle

Isabelle Davidowitz (Licensed Acupuncturist)

As a self-employed artist and single parent for over 17 years, my focus was creating health and happiness for my son and I. Acupuncture, organic healthy food choices, exercise and staying connected with nature were our pillars for a balanced healthy lifestyle. Frequent Acupuncture treatments helped keep our bodies in balance, resulting in strong immune systems. Acupuncture helped eliminate seasonal allergies for my son. While I sought out Acupuncture for managing stress and help me heal past emotional traumas. Chinese medicine is powerful medicine to balance emotional/spiritual energy in the body. In 2014, I felt compelled to start learning the Chinese Medicine system. Three years later, graduating with my Masters Degree in Acupuncture, I am excited to share this healing medicine.

6120 Jefferson Blvd.
Frederick, MD, 21703
P: (301) 524-8441


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