Exhibitor: Illuminate Frederick

Carlos the Medium

Gro DeClerk (Table Greeter)

In his early 20s, Carlos had to overcome numerous chronic health issues and experienced a near death experience which ultimately changed his outlook on life. It is from these life lessons and synchronicities that drew him to his calling as a medium.

What makes Carlos special is the genuineness of his character, grounded personality, and kindness he brings to every reading. These traits coupled with his raw mediumship abilities have allowed him to serve and connect with clients from all walks of life.

​During a reading, Carlos will be the messenger between you and your loved ones in Spirit. He will attempt to communicate with those dearest to you to impart messages of love, healing, and closure.

Carlos is an Ordained Minister in Divine Metaphysics and is a “Certified Medium” with the United Metaphysical Churches.

Through this spiritual journey, Carlos continues to confirm that love and life are eternal.

Burke, VA, 22015
P: (703) 825-7122


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