Exhibitor: Illuminate Frederick

The Art Studios of David F. Heatwole

David F. Heatwole is an 11th generation artisan working in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. Heatwole is an artist who creates primarily contemporary fine art paintings and other two-dimensional creations. He considers his artwork to be contemplative illustrations of ebb and flow, the moving and shifting of a world made up of energy and the synergistic journeys of all things visible and invisible. Heatwole also enjoys another art form that he calls creative community collaborations. This is where he plants "seeds of inspiration", in the form of an unusual art projects that he invites a community to join him in creating. Through the process of making these collaborative synergistic works of art he then watches how the community responds. His slogan is "Planting seeds of Inspiration and watching Art grow." These projects he considers to be a manifestation of his painted contemplations.

304 Bowers St
Martinsburg, WV, 25401
P: (304) 283-1902


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