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Body2Soul Connections

Tara Discepolo (Reiki Shaman Master Practitioner)

My name is Tara Discepolo and I created my business Body2Soul Connections. I am a Reiki Shaman Master Practitioner and would like to assist people in all walks of life to connect to their mind, body, and soul to heal their bodies and create their dreams. I offer Reiki Sessions, Shamanic Illuminations, and Archangelic Light Sessions. Reiki is Japanese technique for channeling life force energy through one hands unto another. It's said that Reiki flows through the affected parts of the subject's energy field and charges them with positive energy. Shamanic Illumination process of working with the chakras to transforms heavy energies into light, turning emotional wounds into sources of power and knowledge. Archangelic Light (AL) is a powerful energetic tool that assists with healing on all levels (emotional, mental, physical and spiritual).

233 NE 39th Street
Oak Island, NC, 28465
P: (860) 966-2181


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