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Karan (Tumasz)

KaranAngel specializes in retreats, workshops, and a myriad of healing modalities. Karan Tumasz has been teaching courses using guided meditation for over 25 years. While her focus is on angels, other subjects include Kabbalah, Pyramid Healing, Gem Healing, Psychic Sciences, and Energy Healing.

Retreats are run in many areas with two staples, the Annual Shore Retreat and the Annual Florida Retreat.
The shoure retreat has been running since the late 90's and the FL retreat has been running since the early 2000's. In-house retreats are held at the office in Bucks County, PA. Short day trip retreats are also offered.

Private consults, group workshops and party readings are all available through KaranAngel.

For more information please visit us on MeetUp @KaranAngel's Bensalem Meetup or