Exhibitor: Illuminate The Beach

Wonderful Wellness

Julie Pennington (Master Healer)
Jeremy Baham (Assistant)

As an ADVANCED MEDICAL INTUITIVE, I am able to energetically scan the full spectrum of a client’s energetic bodies, scan every aspect of the physical body and energetically clear and heal what is needed. I perform DEEP CLEARING SESSIONS by working with the higher self, soul, and spirit of a client which allows me the ability to clear the original imbalance and all the destructive energies creating specific issues in a client’s life. Each issue has a stream of thought tied to an imbalance created long ago. These streams of thought can carry very destructive energies, agreements, programs, implants, imprints, connections and entities that play out in clients lives until they are cleared. As THE LUMINESCENT MEDIUM™, I am able to help client’s see the faces of those wishing to give them special messages. I can bi-locate and work on clients remotely. I offer many other services!!!!

724 Medinah Circle
Westminster, MD, 21158
P: (410) 236-0234


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