Exhibitor: Illuminate Frederick

Animal Communication By Dori

Dori Bryan

I have been an animal communicator and Rieki Master for over twenty years. I take on the role as you pets advocate; helping you establish a deep spiritual connection so that you can, heal, evolve and grow together. Animals are sentient beings with a voice that wants to be heard by you. They have thoughts, emotions, needs and opinions and so much wisdom! I speak to animals who are present and to those who have passed over. I communicate to them telepathically through words, thoughts, intentions, pictures and feelings. Animal communication helps with behavior, emotional and health issues.. Animal communication will alleviate your fears and comfort you knowing they are at peace in spirit. Animals are sensitive to our thoughts, emotions, words and actions and they know exactly what you think, and feel at all times. Animals are healers who incarnate on this earth to teach compassion and unconditional love.