Exhibitor: Illuminate Frederick

Sacred Soul Inspiration, Anita Kuhn Carria

Anita Kuhn Carria (Lightsmith. Soul Coach)
Jo (attend table)

True understanding of who you are and what you need to heal or move forward is offered through Angel, Soul or Fairy Readings,
Integrated Energy Therapy removes energy blockages with the assistance of Angels to clear your natural energy system to assist you in healing. It also clears cellular memory.
Journey to experience your own past lives to gain tremendous understanding and healing at all levels. Quite often, emotional and physical issues stem from previous lives.
For those who desire to accelerate their spiritual growth, Anita offers Lightarian AngelLink Attunements and Lightarian Ray Attunments.
Reiki and Source (Divine) Healing
Anita also offers clearing of the Auric levels 1-4.