Exhibitor: Illuminate Frederick

MoonHaven School of Magic

Catie Peiper (Co-founder)
Julie Skaarup (Co-founder)
Katie Rattigan (Teacher)
Yael Edelstein (Teacher)

MoonHaven School of Magic is a community of students and mentors who are called to the path of spiritual practice and self-discovery. MoonHaven embraces an open spiritual philosophy geared towards self-development while building a community that encourages, inspires, and educates one another. We support each individual's journey through group workshops, community events & private consultations. The School of Magic offers a budding curriculum for those interested in exploring a spiritual or magical practice, beginning with workshops in reading Tarot and Runes, and expanding to include wand making, candle magic, spiritual self-care, ritual design, and so much more. Whether through the personal guidance of private consultations or the group energy of community events, we aim to encourage your on your journey with face to face support from kindred spirits, mentors, and friends.


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