Exhibitor: Illuminate Annapolis

Healing through your Akashic Records

Bill Sanda (Healing Collaborator)
Bill Sanda

What if you could access the lessons of the past, not just your recent past, but the distant past of cellular memories and previous lives? Imagine how accessing this energy could change your life-resolve recurring issues, heal long-standing challenges and empower future growth! You can access this healing energy through your Akashic Records. In this dynamic, flowing energy field of the universe, every thought, word and action that occurs in your life is recorded….and those Records are available to guide you through your present challenges. Through your Akashic Records, the experiences of your past lives can help you gain a new perspective, achieve healing of present conditions, and connect with your eternal Divine Self. Bill’s gift for clearly accessing this healing energy and his compassionate clarity are a positive force for the people who seek his gift. Bill will be offering 15-minute Akashic Record healing sessions throughout the day.

10319 Westlake Drive
Bethesda, MD, 20817
P: (301) 448-0388


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