Exhibitor: Illuminate The Beach

Susan Haller

Susan Haller (Wellness Educator/Energy Healer)
Judy Buchanan (Wellness Educator/Energy Healer)

1. Young Living essential oils will be displayed and explained how they can aid the body in self healing and in reaching higher emotional and spiritual experiences. A iTOVi scan will be offered. It helps in determining which oils might be helpful for certain issues ranging from physical, emotional to spiritual aspects. The iTOVi scanner sends a frequency to your body to determine your body’s reaction to the frequency of a range a range of essential oils that will support your overall wellness. 2. Emotion Code energy healing will be explained and mini sessions offered to release trapped emotions that can cause depression, anxiety, and block people from love and happiness. Trapped emotions can also cause acute physical pain in the body. I will use muscle testing to identify the trapped emotions and a magnet to amplify and release them.

9 Audubon Way
Keedysville, MD, 21756
P: (301) 639-9813


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