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Pathfinder Healing Arts

Kim Cooper (Owner)
Kim Cooper

I believe that every choice we make affects the next seven generations. If you're feeling angry, fearful and stressed, it's not just affecting you. If you extrapolate that backwards in time, that means we are also affected by the thoughts, emotions, judgments and decisions of our ancestors.

As a Reiki Master, Motivational Storyteller and Mindfulness Facilitator, I'll be offering 20 minute intuitive energy sessions to assist you in clearing the energetic debris you may be holding onto from past generations. I can also guide you to access ancestral wisdom that may not have been passed down through the generations due to fear or shame. Whether it's a past life, something your mother said to you 20 years ago, or something you wish you had done differently with your own kids, YOU have the power to shift your generational line, both forward and back.

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