Exhibitor: Illuminate Myrtle Beach

Marcia Colver Reichert

Marcia Colver Reichert (Vocal Practitioner)

Marcia Colver Reichert has recently relocated from Montana to Florida and is very excited to bring you this incredible form of healing! Marcia is an extraordinarily gifted intuitive healer and songstress who will not only mend your heart, she’ll heal your soul and raise your vibration through musical intonations that can only be described as angelic. Because she chooses to meet you where you are on your path, her transformative sessions go beyond understanding as she integrates and applies the information, guidance and direction that comes forward. Marcia is a beautiful soul, a kind heart and an empathic truth seer. She meets you in your “chaos and drama” never discrediting or devaluing the reality of its existence. She listens with compassion and she honors you on your journey as she creates with you life-changing, profound awareness and healing.