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Beautiful Mind

Mona Lee, HHP,MHt. (Owner )

Beautiful Mind is an Alternative & Holistic Health Care Service Center located in Carolina Forest offering enrichment programs for the mind, brain, and body. We specialize in stress relief and energy management.
One of our many services we offer is Biofeedback for the Heart, (measuring HRV - Heart Rate Variability) which helps people learn to reduce stress, and anxiety, develop self-regulation techniques and build mental and emotional resilience. We also offer Neurofeedback for the Brain, which helps with mental clarity, brain fog, concentration, pain management, memory enhancement, focus, emotional balance, and attention span.
One of our most popular services are known as "Zen Sessions" which include auriculotherapy paired with guided relaxation. This mind/body healing session helps with stress, anxiety, depression, detoxification, pain management, insomnia, and PTSD.
We serve people of all ages... 8-108!!!

3616 Angel Ct
Myrtle Beach, SC, 29579
P: (843) 455-4321


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