Exhibitor: Illuminate Pittsburgh

The Art Of Living Foundation

Charlie Baldwin (Teacher)
Ripudaman Singh Kushwah (Instructor)
Gaurav Trivedi (Instructor)

The Art Of Living Foundation is a non-profit founded in 1981 with the goal of putting a smile on every face and making the world stress-free and violence-free. Since 1981, the foundation has spread across more than 150 countries and has touched the lives of 350 million people. We have different Yoga and Meditation programs for stress-release and general well-being. Our flagship program called the “Happiness Program” is offered to the general public, and we also have specialized programs which are tailored for special needs. We have the Prison Smart program offered to prisoners, the TLEX program offered to Corporates, the YES+ Program offered to University students, etc. Through this exhibition we would like to spread the word about our organization and make people aware that something like this exists. Please stop by at our booth to know more.


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