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My Happy

Kelly Haffen (Owner)

Handmade Happy Tees & Yoga Jewelry

The Sanskrit translation, based on Hindu tradition, of yoga, is “to add”, “to join”, “to unite”, or “to attach” in its most common senses. I hope we can unite in moments of happiness, and in moments of hardship and be a light to one another.

It starts with a smile in the mirror- and I find myself accountable to the words written on my shirt, to reflect those words with a smile. There are times to be gentle with yourself and there are times to understand the importance of being gentle with others.

We serve a greater purpose. You can buy a shirt with something fun written anywhere. We are accountable to each other- we are accountable to spread happiness, to spread healing, and to support each other in moments of pain, and in moments of happiness.

3 Silver Ave.
Wilmington, DE, 19804
P: (302) 559-1403


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