Exhibitor: Illuminate Annapolis

Life Engineering: Your Unique User Manual & Healing

Sally Tarquinio (High-level intuitive with mastery of energy & quantum sciences, educator & guide, catalyst, sovereignty specialist, engineer)

If you could have one thing, what would it be? Radiant health, a fulfilling career, loving relationships, financial abundance, recurring situation resolved, the freedom & ease to be you? If you have the courage to fully feel, I invite you to experience the simplicity and power of a Sovereignty Session.

I create a space for healing for you to experientially feel where you are out of alignment with your longing, revive the body’s natural ability to heal, remember who you are & why you are here, manifest what you truly want. As a high-level intuitive, I guide you based on your intentions & what I feel, hear, see, know by tapping into your Higher Self/Innate & Source. Explore other physical, energetic/emotional, mental, intuitive or spiritual support for rapid transformation. Are you ready to let go of what no longer serves you to reveal your magnificence and share your unique gifts?

Annapolis, MD, 21401
P: (410) 258-4022


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