Exhibitor: Illuminate The Beach

Kathryn Landis Transformational Healing

Kathryn Landis, MSW, is an intuitively guided energy healer, educator, and counselor. She has 20 years experience in energy healing with training received in various healing modalities to include The Rising Star Healing System, the Reconnection (tm), healing techniques of indigenous cultures, and Barbara Brennan healing techniques. She uses the element of sound via her voice and tuning forks to clear, heal, and balance an individual's energy field. Clear quartz crystals, which vibrate pure white light, are also used as healing tools. As a psychiatric social worker she has 20 years experience in both the outpatient and inpatient settings. Kathryn combines her traditional and non-traditional knowledge and skills to assist clients to a state of balance, wellness, and joy.

P: (717) 548-0180

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