Exhibitor: Illuminate The Beach

Rosetree Energy Spirituality, Growth for the Age of Awakening

Kylie Sparks (Volunteer)
Gavin Kent (RES Apprentice)
Valerie St. John (RES Apprentice)
Gabrielle Grant (RES Apprentice)

Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) helps people grow emotionally and spiritually, with energy healing and energy reading skills that work NOW, in the Age of Awakening!

Browse books written by RES founder Rosetree, packed with easy-to-learn healing techniques. Techniques designed to help you move forward on your very distinct, very human path. Feeling better, doing better.

Receive an aura reading from RES Energetic Literacy expert Isabella Cates. Learn about Gifts of Your Soul - your potential in this lifetime. And about how you're doing now.

Receive validation for your personal path. And perhaps even help for untangling tricky personal problems.

Always truthful, always unique.

Always co-created with the Divine.

Join us at the booth to learn more!


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