Exhibitor: Illuminate Frederick

Deborah Brodie (Designer)
Jay Brill (Fabricator)
Jay Brill

Deborah has been a Judaic special educator for over 40 years. She was teaching her students how to write their names in bubble letters. On the way home, the word 'ahava' - love popped in her head - that each letter could be shaped as a heart. Racing home, she grabbed a marker and drew out the design - Ahava - Love is in the Heart was born!

Deborah has created 21 spiritual designs that have been placed in sterling silver jewelry, sandcarved and handpainted glass, wood, and graphics. Each design has a Hebrew word integrated within the design that tells part of the story - hope, strength, halleluyhah, peace - to name a few. The other part of the story belongs to the new owner of the piece. When a person purchases a Dor L'Dor design, indeed, a life is changed forever.

7103 Mill Run Drive
Rockville, MD, 20855
P: (301) 728-1719


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