Exhibitor: Illuminate Frederick

Sovereignty Through Heart-Felt Presence

Sally T. (High-level intuitive, beyond-quantum healer, catalyst & guide, engineer)

I create sacred space for you to experience the power of Sovereignty Through Heart-Felt Presence:

♥️ Observe/feel what blocks you from manifesting what you truly want [radiant health, career, relationships, financial abundance, recurring situation resolved...]

♥️ Connect with your Higher Self & Source to receive insights & what you need to transmute these blocks and consciously co-create

I guide you based on your intentions & ability to be fully in the present moment, and what I feel/see/know. You shift perceptions using your sensations to let go of what no longer serves you & revive your body's ability to heal. You begin to know experientially that you already have all that you need. You alchemize the shadow side you took on to transmute for yourself, ancestors, culture... You begin to no longer rely on something outside yourself, or create what someone else tells you is best (as it takes energy to live someone else's life). Supporting those with the courage to fully feel, who take responsibility that something good can happen from everything in your life, who value "performance metrics" for accountability & motivation so you don't end up on a multi-year or multi-lifetime plan, and who are open to tough love if needed. My passion is to help you remember who you already are & why you are here, let go of what no longer serves, reclaim your magnificience, and share your unique abilities with ease & joy.

SPECIAL: $11 & $22 off a 30 or 60-min Sovereignty Session
or $25 off a 75-minute Emotional CPR session
if pay early-bird pricing ($66, $111, & $125) by midnight, Friday, 19 October via

Extensive experience researching complex systems issues, putting pieces of the puzzle into an integrated whole, & finally getting out of my own way to allow Source's miracles.

• B.S. Engineering/Operations Research
• M.S. Information Management

• International College of BioEnergetic Medicine
• Emotional CPR. Dr L Woolley
• Human Design System. Jovian Archive, various mentors
• Certified Medical Intuitive. Stacey Mayo
• Autonomic Response Testing. Dr Klinghardt
• Dynamic Body Balancing. Dr Carol Phillips
• Over 25 years of healing experience
• Isha Institute of Inner Sciences. Sadhguru
• SevenOaks Pathwork 5-year program
• Traditional Acupuncture Institute Sophia 1-year program
• Literate in Lyme Dis-ease, heavy metal & chemical toxicity, mold, electrosmog, and detoxification

Annapolis, MD, 21401
P: (410) 258-4022


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