Exhibitor: Illuminate Boston

Inspired Harmony

Melody Bizzarro-Raimo ( Certified Reflexologist)
Melody A Bizzarro-Raimo
Melody A Bizzarro-Raimo
Melody A Bizzarro-Raimo

Reflexology is a holistic healing technique for treating the "whole" individual, incorporating Mind.Body.Spirit. Endeavoring to get to the root cause of Disease and not just Symptoms. Reflexologists provides gentle pressure/manipulation on precise reflex points of both feet that correspond with all body Systems and their respective organs. This gentle technique clears any stagnant or blocked energy flow So the organs can function efficiently and effectively, promoting a feeling of well-being, restoring vitality and balance. Primary benefits include but are not limited too; reduce stress, improves circulation, boost the immune system and Lowers Blood pressure.

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