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Life Transforming Hypnotherapy

Dr. Joseph Mancini, Jr. (Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist)

As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, I offer, in my home office, various hypnotherapeutic modalities, including, but not limited to, Hypnotic Dreamwork, Alternate Choices, Inner Child Work, Accelerated Healing & Pain control, Superconscious Wisdom, Natal Regression, Accessing Parallel Lives, Past-life Regression, Couple’s Past-Life Regression, Future Progression, Counterpart Selves, Life-Between-Lives Hypnotherapy, Spirit Releasement, and The Wisdom of Crystal Skulls. Recently, I published two books, The Present Power of Past Lives: The Experts Speak, and Ending the Endless Conflict: Healing Narratives from Past-Life Regressions to the Civil War. With my Ph.D. in American Literature, I taught for seventeen years in various colleges and universities, including Harvard, M.I.T, and the University of Maryland. My Master’s in Organization Development has allowed me to offer executive coaching and leadership and creative thinking courses in many businesses and government agencies. And with my Master’s in Clinical Social Work, I did traditional therapy for over twenty years.

119 Rock Creek Ct.
Frederick, MD, 21702
P: (301) 526-2043


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