Exhibitor: Illuminate Fairfax

Ground Gaia

Venus Seleme (Owner/Doctor)
Bill Schneider (Owner)

We are a consciousness studio and new age shop in the City of Fairfax that specializes in helping you increase your awareness and raise your vibrational frequency. We hold workshops and events that include astrology, numerology, sound therapy, tarot reading, meditation, hypnotherapy, dimension shifts, palm reading, intuition building, essential oils, seraphim healing, natural make-up and skin care and so much more. We offer hypnotherapy sessions, intuitive and numerology readings, astrology consultations, and retreats for the inner child, detoxification, and energy healing.

Our shop carries crystals, tumbled stones, yoni eggs, tarot cards, runes, incense, candles, essential oils, tibetan bowls, statues, jewelry, organic travel pillows, detoxification products, natural soap and divination tools.