Exhibitor: Illuminate Maine

Lazueli, LLC

Ellen (Damsky)

Ellen is a psychic/medium/spirit artist. She has all the clairs, and has found that creatives are often drawn to her as are well as those that would like to experience the spirit of a loved one that has passed on. Ellen considers change to be the normal--although often challenging--constant and finds helping others navigate through change very rewarding.

Ellen learned the practice of Spirit Art at Arthur Findlay College in England. She has participated in workshops with John Holland, Lauren Rainbow, and others, and volunteers as a psychic sketch artist for a non-profit missing persons and unsolved crime organization.

She also has the (admittedly strange...) knack of being able to read physical structures.

Ellen has found her path(s) to be enormously rewarding and considers herself very fortunate to be doing work that she loves. Ellen is easy-going, easy to talk to, and is respectful of all of our gifts.

10 Hodges Court
apt. 2
Salem, MA, 01970
P: (339) 293-3480
W: working on it...


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