Exhibitor: Illuminate Charlotte

Yes God Wellness

Diana Wangari (Assistant)
Megan L Macpherson

Megan Macpherson is a Holistic Health Practitioner and Motivational Healer. She employs a mindful, natural and intentional approach to reproductive and holistic health. She is passionate about educating, inspiring and motivating individuals on their journey to holistic wellness. Megan is the Owner and Operator of The Honey Pot (located in Durham NC), which offers a safe healing space along with a host of products and services, included but not limited to; Yoni (Perineal) Steaming, Plant Based Hygiene, Digital Personal Development Courses, Mindfulness Coaching, Proficient Space Design, Wellness Workshops and Astrological Consults. Her blog is focused on personal development, motivation, transparency and self-love.

1801 Collier Drive
Durham, NC, 27707
P: (919) 306-3252


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