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InSpiral Iridology

Sunshine Beeson,CHt (Owner)

Sunshine Beeson is a Holistic Wellness Coach, Iridologist, Hypnotherapist. Her foundational modality is Iridology, which accesses information from the iris of the eye for physical and emotional health. The eyes are the blueprint of your internal workings that can show exactly what parts of the body or emotions that are in need of balance or support. Sunshine will take a photo with a special Iridology camera of the eyes and then do a very detailed analysis and administer a personal suggested nutritional, herbal profile also suggesting lifestyle changes and protocols for any emotional discord.
Her background also includes:
Blood type testing
Meditation clearing processes
Bach flower remedies
Aroma therapy
Diet and nutrition
Emotional Release Therapy

40 Estabrook Rd.
Carlisle, MA, 01741
P: (617) 637-6672


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