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Chakra Charms

Holly Higgins (Owner/Artisan)
Hunter Higgins (Assistant)

For centuries, spiritual leaders have taught us that life-force energy flows through our bodies from the earth to the crown of our heads, out into the universe and back again. Unimpeded this energy brings us physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.

Along its path through our bodies, the energy passes through seven chakras (Sanskrit for wheel). If the chakras are open and spinning freely, we enjoy a healthy existence. If, however, a chakra is blocked, dis-ease is experienced in the areas associated with that chakra.

Spiritual leaders have also taught us that gemstones can be used to clear, revitalize and heal the chakras and return us to optimum health.

Using this knowledge, Holly Higgins designed Chakra Charms - Handcrafted jewelry featuring genuine chakra healing gemstones - to allow us a beautiful way to keep our chakra healing gemstones close at hand.

1302 Cox Cove Ct.
Stoney Beach, MD, 21226
P: (410) 703-6265


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