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Psychic Mediumship from the Heart

Keli Stander (Owner)

A born psychic medium, Keli’s current practices are the result of her extensive training and, more importantly, her partnership with the divine, which she has developed over a lifetime of communing with Spirit. During a session, Keli strives to bring forward information that serves a soul’s highest and greatest good. This information is used to heal the past as well as to inform life decisions so that clients can create a joyful and abundant life for themselves. Her mediumship demonstrates that our loved ones continue to live, learn and guide us from Heaven.

Keli uses her psychic gifts, such as clairvoyance and clairgustance, to provide accurate and detailed messages to her clients. Do you smile remembering the electric blue paint on your neighbor’s camaro? Are you brought to tears remembering your grandmother’s famous apple pie? Join Keli for a heartfelt session of laughing, learning and remembering.

26 Lynde Street
Salem, MA, 01970
P: (207) 286-7540


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