Exhibitor: Illuminate Frederick

Healing Touch and Reiki

Krista L Hall, RN, HTCP (Healing Touch Program Practitioner Representative)
Elaine Lutz, HTCP
Krista L Hall

Healing Touch Program and Krista Hall , HTCP and Elaine Lutz, HTCP , offer to Illuminate Frederick and the community an energy medicine practice that has been taught and practiced internationally since 1989. Endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association, Healing Touch Certified Practitioners , bring caring, light gentle touch to body, mind and spirit, a heart-centered energetic connection between practitioner and receiver to provide deep relaxation, reduce stress, pain, anxiety, and many other symptoms experienced in daily living. HT provides support during chemotherapy, strengthens the immune system, speeds up recovery from surgery, deepens our spiritual connection, and creates a sense of well-being. It may be used for wellness and prevention, as well as reducing and managing pain. Healing Touch is used in the VA and hospitals, hospice, long term care, private practices and clinics. We lovingly offer 15 minutes Healing Touch today for a small fee.

6601 Edgewood Road
New Market, MD, 21774
P: (301) 606-4647


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