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Readings by Hawkeye

Mary Kay Eckert (Co-Owner)
ricardo noriega


My name is Rick "Hawkeye" Noriega and I come from a long line Curadors (healers). The name "Hawkeye" was given to me by the nurses in the hospital just
minutes after my birth. From an early age, I have been blessed with the ability to feel and sense the presence of spirits and energies of those loved ones that have moved on.

Tarot and Oracle cards

I use a mix of Tarot and Oracle cards along with a pendulum and angel and animal symbols to convey the messages that are needed to bring healing,
insight and guidance.

Archangelic Light (AL)

I also offer an Archangelic Light sessions.

Archangelic Light (AL) is energy healing that promotes healing of the root cause of an issue (emotional, mental, physical or spiritual).
The experience/feeling of this energy is very different from Reiki energy.

**** All of my messages and energy come from a place of light and love and for the greater good. ****

248 Langford Valley Way
Cary, NC, 27513
P: (919) 621-1853


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