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Monika Taylor Readings

Monika Taylor (owner/operator)

Monika is a talented psychic and intuitive. She feels a strong sense of purpose and fulfillment by doing readings for others and helping them that way. She channels her clients' spirit guides and angels via Clair-sentience, Clair-voyance, Clair-audience, and Clair-cognizance. Her goal is to empower and help her clients in the process of resolving their issues with clarity, insight, and inspiration. During readings, she is able to provide her clients with a deeper understanding of their situation. She also gives useful advice that helps them get on the right track or shift their awareness in the right direction. She answers questions about relationships, career, finances, life's purpose, spiritual development, and more. Visit her website for more detailed information about Monika and her services.

COSBY, TN, 37722


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