Exhibitor: Illuminate the Holidays in Gettysburg

Brozy Expressive Imagery

William Brozy (owner/photographer)

As a photographer, capturing beautiful and ephemeral light and striking compositions are requisites. It is the light I cherish and embrace the most.

Technically, I shoot with modern DSLR cameras and quality lenses. However, it’s not what one carry’s in the camera bag. I contend it’s the ability to ‘see and feel’ and extract compositions from a seemingly disordered environment and relay those emotions to the viewer.

As an artist, my work continues to evolve. However, one constant remains. I aspire to capture the soul of a moment, when inspiration felt pure. It is during these spirited moments, I feel as if I touch the greater mysteries of life.

I am a graduate of West Virginia University and I presently reside in Fairfield, PA.