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Readings by Hawkeye

Mary Kay Eckert (Co-Owner)
ricardo noriega

READINGS BY HAWKEYE My name is Rick "Hawkeye" Noriega and I come from a long line healers. The name "Hawkeye" was given to me by the nurses in the hospital just minutes after my birth. From an early age, I have been blessed with the ability to feel and sense the presence of spirits and energies of those loved ones that have moved on. Tarot and Oracle cards I use a mix of Tarot and Oracle cards to bring healing, insight and guidance. Archangelic Light (AL) I also offer an Archangelic Light sessions. Archangelic Light is a powerful energetic tool that assists with healing on all levels (emotional, mental, physical and spiritual). When you are entrained to the energy of AL, you are accessing this healing energy with the essence of the Divine Feminine and Angels and Archangels.

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