Exhibitor: Illuminate Frederick

Spirit Guided Portraits LLC

Beau Bowden (Assistance)
Linda Over (Assistance)
Terri R Bowden

Terri Bowden, Spirit Artist, Evidential Medium, Tarot reader can ‘See’ people in spirit. Terri draws your Loved One or Spirit Guide. The portraits are unique and powerful evidence proving there is life after death. Each drawing is chosen by spirit, reflecting a time in their life when they were younger and better looking, they resemblance and carry the essence of the person and somewhere in your possession you will find a photo that closely matches the drawing.

A SPIRIT GUIDE portrait is uplifting and enables you to develop a strong deep link with your guide. The sketch itself is not the treasure, but simply the key to the treasure: it is the doorway to enable you to develop a solid communication with your guide who helps you accomplish and achieve things that honor the purpose that you set for yourself before you were born.

Box: 262, 1340 N. Great Neck Rd.
Suite: #1272,
Virginia Beach, VA, 23454
P: (757) 288-4756


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