Exhibitor: Illuminate Charleston

Peachy Keen

Melanie Rocha (Sales Associate/ Team Member)

Peachy Keen creations are one of a kind, handcrafted pieces with purpose, made with authentic crystals, metals, fossils and other findings. Each stone offers a unique frequency that is reflected by the uplifting properties written inside the tag. Necklaces, bracelets, pendulums, crystal wands, earrings, and rings are all part of our collection. I also craft organic sage and herbal smudge sticks using local rosemary, sweetgrass and other regional herbs. All pieces are intended to assist in manifesting joy, health, positivity and healing. We encourage people to use our Encyclopedia of Crystals book by Judy Hall. The book offers more information about where the stones come from and the healing energies they offer. Peachy Keen prioritizes sustainability and uses locally sourced, hand collected crystals, shark teeth, and seashells as well as 100% recycled paper for our tags and boxes.

is 164 Market st # 285
Charleston, SC, 29401


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