Exhibitor: Illuminate Columbia

Inner Nature

Becca Steinbach (Founder/Intuitive)
Geoffrey Boggs (Ambassador)

Inner Nature's purpose is to assist you in connecting with your own Inner Nature, your God-Source, your Higher Self. By looking within, you have the potential to live your best life, the life of your highest good and greatest joy. Inner Nature may serve as the catalyst in your awakening, the bridge connecting you deeper with your Power within, a source of uplifting, or the validating force as you become more in tune with your own innate gifts.

Inner Nature offers a variety of services and products for people and animals, including tarot/oracle card readings, spiritual guidance/intuitive coaching sessions, Reiki healing and various "Ascension Tools".

Inner Nature officially planted its roots in 2018, although Becca has been intuitively assisting people for years prior. It brings Becca such joy to use her intuitive abilities to assist others in finding peace, upliftment and alignment.

2009 Bank St.
Baltimore, MD, 21231
P: (443) 286-7755


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