Exhibitor: Illuminate Pittsburgh

Pura Vida Crystals, LLC

Tamara Lynn Rectenwald (Owner)

Tamara is a Certified Crystal Healer, Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher, Lover of the Crystal Kingdom and a Crystal Energetic Artisan.

Tamara has used crystals as companions in all areas of her life to support and Empower her Personal Energy field. It is her greatest honor and purpose to serve in assisting those to be aware and Empower a balanced Energy Field with her creations.

At Pura Vida Crystals, LLC, the Honor of creating One of a Kind Crystal Companions brings the greatest joy to the Soul. Each piece is designs itself and comes alive knowing how it wants to be presented to the world. Special attention is paid to where the Companion will best serve the needs in your Personal Energy Field.

305 Kearsarge Street
Pittsburgh, PA, 15211
P: (412) 519-6779


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