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Rainbow Wings Consulting

Kim Peters McAllister (Certified Angel Intuitive)

Certified as an Angel Intuitive since 2005, I ask the Archangels and guardian angels to join us and assist in delivering messages. I use my natural clairvoyant, clairaudient and empathic gifts to deliver information. The angels may also guide me to use oracle cards to provide more detailed information. As a certified life coach I’m often shown exercises or tools to share with the client for additional growth.

A reading with me is never the same and is never scary. Angels are beautiful, peaceful, loving beings!! They realize you have free will and have the choice to listen to what they have to say or to discard it. No matter what, your angels will remain with you and will never judge you.

I feel blessed to be a conduit through which the angels are better able to communicate with you.

2719 Freemont Rd
Durham, NC, 27705
P: (919) 698-8543


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