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Dr. Z Tarot Consulting

Zachary D. Weaver (Owner)

Zachary D. Weaver, Ph.D. (AKA Dr. Z), is a Tarot reader who works with clients from all walks of life to bring clarity and direction when navigating the ever-changing winds of life. Dr. Z is passionate about helping people change their lives for their highest good. Serving and supporting people (as they journey through the terrain of human experiences) is the mantra of his life’s purpose. As a child (gazing upon the star-filled heavens), he felt deep within; there was more to his human experience than what traditional religious systems were teaching. Frustrated and disenchanted, he embarked at age 14 on a journey to find “God.” He came to understand that the God power is everywhere present. All existence shares a sacred connection with the God-Source, which permeates and causes all things to “BE.” Dr. Z believes all life is joined together by an invisible web of dynamic, interconnected energy.

5027 Astor PL SE
Washington, DC, 20019
P: (678) 499-6070


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