Exhibitor: Illuminate Pittsburgh

Secret Sak

Tanya Wilson

Secret Sak is a creative approach to carrying our personal hygiene products. Secret Saks are decorative, discreet saks that are utilized to carry tampons, pads, adult diapers, poise pads, depends and a spare pair of underwear. I believe its time for girls and women to take charge of preparing for the unknown. With the Secret Sak, we can avoid potentially embarrassing and humiliating accidents, whether it’s that time of the month or if you are incontinent. Imagine you are at work or in school and your monthly visitor unexpectedly arrives and you have no protection? If it happens at work, you may have to leave the office or find someone you trust to loan you a hygiene product. With Secret Sak you can discreetly keep items in your desk, locker, purse or book bag. Secret Saks can be utilized by men as well.


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