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Celestial Healings

Starlet Lebrun (Owner)
Pierre A Lebrun (Co-owner )
Starlet Lebrun

Starlet Lebrun has an M.B.A in Mediation and Dispute Resolution from Colorado Technical Institute and B.Sc. in Fashion Textile Technology with a minor in Deviance from Buffalo State University and is a certified Hypnotherapist and Instructor from American School of Hypnosis, Transform Destiny and a member of AIA. Starlet believes that utilizing the Mind, Body, and Spirit to facilitate healing and change and enjoys traveling and teaching as she goes. She is a spiritual healer and believes that healing can be achieved by uniting the Mind, Body, and Spirit to create lasting changes. She uses combinations of Reiki, Hypnosis, Psychic perception and more to help facilitate change. Her journey of exploring new paths of experience has brought new life to many and helped them to find the path they seek.Starlet has over 20 years experience and is a Psychic, Medium, Healer, Ocularmancy Reader and Hypnotherapist.

4411 Burdett ct
Liverpool, NY, 13090
P: (315) 748-6124


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