Exhibitor: Illuminate Pittsburgh

Warrior drum co.

Jeremy pasztor (Owner/operator )

I build,refinish,refurbish and head just about any stringed percussion instrument. I receive shells carved into a drum shape,I then sand them,shape them and oil the wood down upon arrival. First you put the goat or cow skin in the water. The next step is tying the knots, matching the number of knots on the top and bottom rings. Then you string the drum 2/3 of the way. After retrieving the goat or cow skin that’s been soaking for 2-4 hrs,you then put it on the drum and string it the rest of the way.
2-4 days later,you put the drum on a drum pulling table,and pull the skin tight. Until you the desired sound. On top of making drums,I mine my own quarts and hand make all of my tie dye shirts,dresses tapestries. Various other art projects in the works currently.

1562 obey ave
Pittsburgh, PA, 15205
P: (740) 579-1560


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