Exhibitor: Illuminate Ocean City

In Touch Bodyworks

Nora Lawson (Owner)
Nancy McFadden (Assistant)
Fran Levy (Assistant)

I’m Nora Lawson and I graduated from New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts back in the 1990’s. As a massage therapist, I have practiced for the last 25 years. I am also an Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner. This is a gentle style of bodywork that addresses people’s chronic problems and can be done wearing comfortable clothing. Finally, I have been teaching elementary students for 14 years.
I started selling Norwex products because I wanted to clean without chemicals. I needed something to clean my office and clean student desks that would not trigger allergic reactions or have harsh chemicals. Norwex products have made such a difference in my life that I want to share them and help other people clean in a much healthier way.

111 Baptist St.
Suite 101
Salisbury, MD, 21801
P: (443) 523-4133


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