Exhibitor: Illuminate Savannah

Miranda Meyer

Miranda Meyer (Psychic Medium & Palmist)

I specialize in psychic, medium, palmistry & Oracle card readings. Born from a line of healers who use the energy of Spirit, heart, and earth I’m able to bring you messages, assistance in finding answers, and manifesting your desires and specific outcomes; to me there is nothing more awe-inspiring.

By inviting me to connect with your energy, you offer your trust which is honored with great responsibility. Hearts are opened; hopes and fears shared; and some of the most intimate pieces become seen. I take an oath every day to always work with compassion, confidentiality, and integrity. The relationship I develop with you is sacred, and built on trust, confidence, openness and lack of judgement. I truly enjoy working with every client and want you to have the best experience possible.

P: (704) 524-0879


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