Exhibitor: Illuminate Savannah

By Tribal

Ratna scherrer (Founder)

Ratna M. Scherrer is the proprietress of

We are an online marketplace that caters exclusively to Native American artisans and craftsmen. We have provided and Etsy like platform for our Artisans and we are the ONLY online market place to confirm tribal enrollment.

All our products are Native-made guaranteed.
We hope one day to make Native Made as commonplace as "fair trade" and "organic.

Raising awareness of Native Made items and their creators will help us fight fraud on behalf of indigenous peoples. In doing so we at By Tribal hope to return economic independence to Native peoples and help the reclaim their place in the greater American consciousness.

P.O. Box 1537
Hinesville, GA, 31310
P: (931) 313-1673


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