Exhibitor: Illuminate Fairfax

Circulate Energy

Rainbow Rae (Owner / Artist / Metaphysical Practitioner)
Zack Baumel (Assistant / Cocreator)

Peace! I’m classically trained as a UX designer and researcher. I decided to merge my spiritual calling and technical skills - for 5 years I have been crafting energy batteries and doing research to quantify the impacts it has on ones well being before selling anything. I have gifted over 500+ devices all around the world and offered 400+ hours of free energy work to beings all over the world with glowing feedback. After growing worthy results I was led to start Circulate Energy - Jan 2018.

My energy devices have been recorded to circulate energy within ones bio-field, picking up energetic debris (from people, places and things) and transforming it as well as circulating stagnant and stuck emotions. These devices promote self awareness, peace and joy, allowing you to have a better sense of self and stronger connection with your truth.

MD, 20746


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